Church Attendance is NOT Enough!

A recent survey supports the importance of reading and studying the Bible if a person desires true and lasting change in one’s life. Going to church on Sunday morning is not enough.The survey showed that only 16% of church goers read their Bible every day and only 32% read their Bibles once each week. Of those who go to church, only 37% agree that reading and studying the Bible have made a significant difference in their lives. This question can then be then raised: Could it be that the 37% who believe the Bible makes a difference in their lives are among those who read their Bible every day or at least once a week? Maybe the 63% who don’t see a difference in their lives are merely going through the motions of attending church, but may not be reading the Bible or applying the teaching of the Bible to their daily lives throughout the week. Maybe it doesn’t mean that the Bible has no power to change a life, but that it only has power if you read and study the Bible –  and that requires time and discipline!

In our American culture we want instant gratification and formulas for instant success. These are unrealistic expectations for permanent and lasting life change. What is required are consistently applied principles and actions that promote change in one’s life.

At Lakes Community Chapel, we desire to come alongside people who want to learn to love more, to live life more fully, to experience true joy, and to change the way they live their lives. We believe true change only comes through Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away, new things have come.” (II Corinthians 5:17, NKJV) A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation for a new life with new habits, new attitudes, and new behaviors. However, this is just the beginning. Church attendance is also important according to the Bible, which states that we are not to forsake ” the assembling of ourselves together” (Hebrews 10:25, NKJV), but we are to encourage one another to  “love and to good works” (Hebrews 10:24, NKJV). We can only do that through relationship with one another – and building relationships like this begin at church. However, this is also not enough!

It is through the practice of all of the spiritual disciplines – Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and serving others- that we grow and we change. In addition to the Discipleship phases that we offer at Lakes Chapel (which include intimate, closed small groups with accountability, Bible study, prayer, and Scripture memorization) we also offer Bible studies for men and women each fall and spring that are approximately 10-12 weeks in length. These groups meet twice each month and do not require long term commitment. We pray that those who attend these studies will get into the Bible daily and will prepare for the sessions so that they will grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and will develop a daily time of study and prayer. It is through such study that one begins to see changes in their life – in the way the treat other people, in their own personal sense of well being and peace, and in a more intimate relationship with God.

Please consider participating in one of our Bible studies this fall beginning September 25, as we study Max Lucado’s Outlive Your Life! Contact Lakes Chapel for more details or if you have any questions.

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