Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team:

Lakes Community Chapel is often described as “a family” by those who visit our church. This is because we truly are a family – we are members of God’s family. The Bible describes the church in many ways – as a building with Christ as the Cornerstone and the apostles as the foundation and as a body with Christ as the head and us, the church, as members of the body. The New Testament church are the adopted children of God, being grafted in, making the Jew and Gentile equal within the family, and allowing us to call God, “Abba, Father”.

In all of these analogies, there is complete orderliness. In order for the building to stand strong and not topple over in a storm there must be a firm and strong foundation and properly placed materials. For the body to function properly in health there must be proper nutrition and care for the body. For families to function in love and in harmony there must be unity, mutual respect, and love for one another.

Our leadership team includes our pastoral team and our deacons, men who are committed to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His church. They serve with love and faithfulness looking out for the best of the body. In addition, the Ministry Community is a team of men and women who have completed or in the process of completing our Discipleship Process and are committed to the Great Commission as the central focus of their lives and this ministry. These men and women serve as a team that oversees and continues to develop our whole-church Discipleship process, as well as serving in leadership positions within the church in varying capacities. Our deacons are well represented within the Ministry Community along with their wives. Most of our ministry community facilitate various Discipleship groups including

Evangelism H20 and Essential Truths Phase 1 (Come & See)

Basic Accountability Groups Phase 2 (Follow Me) 

Ongoing Accountability Group Phase 3 (Be With Me). 


We consider our church truly blessed to have such godly men and women serving together with us as the body of Christ and as His disciples.